About Us

Our History in the Shade Sail Industry

We started in the Shade Sail Industry in Brisbane before there was even a category in the Yellow Pages for Shade Sails. (Remember the Yellow Pages?) The choice of fabric was limited, as was the choice of colours. If you liked Green or Sandstone you were in luck, anything else – well there was not much else. The fabric weighed a ton, was difficult to install, and not particularly durable. The Sails pictured are an example of some of the early ‘new’ colours. Porcelain, terracotta and black, probably considered ‘old school’ compared to today’s impressive array of colours.
Carpark Shade Sail Installations

Some of our Early Shade Sails

Over 25,000 Shade Sails produced since starting in the Shade Sail Industry.
These are a few of the very early examples of our work.

Carpark Shade Sails in Eagle Farm Brisbane
One of our early Shade Sail installations. Carpark Sails at an office block in Eagle Farm in Brisbane.
Ocean Blue Shade Sails Installations

The team at work installing Ocean Blue Shade Sails at a Child Care Centre in Algester, Brisbane.

Sungold Shade Sails over Metal Frame
Woolworths Shopping Centre in Brisbane’s western suburbs. Sungold Shade Sails over Metal Frame.
Garden Shade Sails Brisbane
One of our first installations was this Raby Bay House. This garden was once quite ‘savage’ but since tamed by tasteful landscaping.
Pool Deck Shade Sails in Halcyon House
The historic Halcyon House in Brisbane overlooking the river, Story Bridge in background. Shade Sail over Pool Deck.
Midnight Green Shade Sails at Pony Club
Midnight Green Shade Sails at Pony Club.
Football Club Shade Sail

A Family Run Business owned and Operated by Queenslanders

We believe we are the most experienced Shade Sail Manufacturers in Australia. We made our first Shade Sail in 1994 and since then have made over 25,000. We rely on the maths ability of our staff members firstly. We also have state of the art CAD software, latest spec Fabric Welders, Computerised Sewing Machines and most importantly, 500 sq metres of dedicated Sewing Floor. We only manufacture Shade Sails, nothing else. As far as we know, we are the only specialist Shade Sail Manufacturer in Australia. Many of our competitors play the field offering anything from dam liners to umbrellas. Hard to believe that they can be as good at Shade Sails as we are.

Some of our Happy Customers’ Shade Sails

Bluegum School Shade Sail
Sungold and Terracotta Deck Shade Sails Brisbane
Play Area Shade Sails Brisbane
Doorway Shade Sail
Shade Sails in Brisbane for Play Area
Shade Sail Installations in Queensland
Shade Sail Installations
Sungold Deck Shade Sail
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