Our Fabric Range

There are a host of Shade Sail Fabrics available of varying quality. Rather than overwhelm with many choices of Shadecloth, a lot of which are almost identical, (some brands are even manufactured in the same overseas factory) we have assembled what we consider to be a prime selection of high quality, lightweight commercial grade Shadecloth. These fabrics have been chosen from manufacturers with high production standards, and all have a UV rating between 92% and 98%. The colours range from modern and vibrant to conservative and traditional.

Sunflower Fabric Shade Sail for Sale
Buy Red Shade Sail Fabric
Sungold Fabric Shade Sail Cloth
Ocean Blue Fabric Shade Cloth for Sale
Buy Midnight Green Shade Sail Fabric
Laguna Blue Fabric Shade Sail for Sale
Buy Navy Blue Shade Sail Fabric
Buy Blue Stone Fabric Shade Sail in Brisbane
Porcelain Shade Sail Fabric in Brisbane
Grey Stone Fabric Shade Sail for Sale
Slate Grey Fabric Shade Sail Cloth for Sale
Buy Black Fabric Shade Sail Cloth
Buy Olive Shade Sail Fabric in Brisbane

Our Shade Sails

The Importance of the Stainless Steel Perimeter Cable

All of our Shade Sails are perimeter wired with 316 Stainless Steel Cable. This is the only way to fully stretch the fabric drum tight, which gives your Shade Sail the ability to ride out storms and strong winds. A Shade Sail with a webbing strap edge is a cheap imitation of the real thing, and cannot provide sufficient tension to ensure a long life for your Shade Sail. Webbing strap edged Shade Sails are guaranteed to sag once installed.

Shade Sails with a Stainless Steel Cable perimeter will stay crisp and new looking for many years to come. With some simple to follow instructions for your customer on re-tensioning the turnbuckles, the SST Cable edged Shade Sail will be standing strong long after the webbing strap edged Sails have bitten the dust.

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