D Shackles

$5.36$13.55 GST exclusive

Forged D Shackles

316 Stainless Steel Forged D Shackle
Size: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Brand: Shadeworx

Secure Your Brisbane Adventures with Premium 316 Stainless Steel D Shackles by Shadeworx!

Introducing the premium-grade D Shackle by Shadeworx, available inD Shackles for shade sail brisbane | Shadeworx Brisbane. Crafted with precision, this forged D Shackle is made from durable 316 stainless steel, ensuring exceptional strength and longevity. With sizes ranging from 6mm to 10mm, it caters to a variety of needs. The internal dimensions are as follows:

  • 6mm: Length 21mm, Width 12mm
  • 8mm: Length 28mm, Width 16mm
  • 10mm: Length 35mm, Width 20mm

This high-quality D Shackle is designed to withstand heavy loads and provides reliable performance in various applications. Purchase now at a competitive price, starting from $5.36 (GST exclusive). Elevate your operations with the reliability and durability of Shadeworx's 316 Stainless Steel Forged D Shackle.

Why Choose Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is known for its exceptional corrosion resistance, making it the perfect choice for Brisbane's humid climate and coastal proximity. You can count on our shackles to withstand the test of time without succumbing to rust or degradation.

Invest in the reliability and longevity of your equipment with the Shadeworx 316 Stainless Steel Forged D Shackle. Don't compromise on safety; choose Shadeworx for your shackling needs in Brisbane.

Trust in Shadeworx: When it comes to your equipment's safety, trust in the Shadeworx brand. We are committed to delivering products of the highest quality, and our 316 Stainless Steel Forged D Shackle is no exception.

Order yours today and experience peace of mind in every connection!

Disclaimer: Always ensure proper usage and safety precautions when working with shackles and equipment.

Additional Information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 cm

6mm, 8mm, 10mm



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